Living Memorial


Living Memorial

New Yorkers, and the world, are likely to embrace a design that holds a spiritual nature to remember those who were lost and one that symbolizes the strength of the city, and the country as a whole, and its people.

Index trader Derek Turner, who lives and works in the Bahamas, lost friends in the towers. He came to visit the site on a chilly day Feb 2002 to speak to them one last time. He awoke from a dream at 4:20 a.m. the following morning in his Manhattan hotel room and drew a sketch of what he thought should be built on the complex.

That was the beginning to create world’s tallest building at 1,750 feet. It would include five cylindrical towers topped by an 11-story pyramid, arising from an enclosed, transparent, climate-controlled landscaped biosphere.

Other features would include 50 elevators named after the U.S. states and revolving floors of international cuisine and observation platforms. The design also includes concert, opera and theater halls, recreation areas and underground shopping areas, waterways and greenery.

But the clincher may be the biosphere, which will house 2,883 trees -- one for every person who died that day, which will forever bear a plaque and picture of the victim.

And why does Turner think his design should be chosen?
"It’s got heart - that’s the difference," he said. People "want a beacon bigger and brighter than what was ever built before and no way would these people allow something anything less than what was there. "This is a living memorial, not an inert one."



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