Rain Water


Rain Water


My inspiration came from a letter written to me by a grammar school student that watched the towers collapse from her classroom window.  Her mom was at work inside the WTC.  She did not survive.  Yet, this young lady took the time to thank me and all who had expressed their sorrow and concern for the victims and their families of the Sept 11 tragedy.

It is our duty to erect a fitting memorial that will honor each and every individual that unknowingly gave their life, God's most precious gift, to awaken our awareness to evil and oppression in the world. A memorial that will show the world that we honor our heroes and that we will never forget the tragedy of September 11th.

                               A Virtual Experience
My anticipation grows enormously as I approach the Trade Center Complex. Suddenly, as I step onto the grounds, I find myself paused and nearly breathless at the sight before me. I ask myself, can this be real? Instantly, I realize the sheer scale of the events that have taken place here. As I wade, waste deep, into a field of very large red and white roses I shade my eyes from the sun and the brightness of color. I cant help but to notice that each flower bears a name. The name of a person. A real person. Someone’s' loved one. With resistance futile, my emotions begin to surface. As I approach a huge array of majestic fountains, the sound of falling water nearly drown my very thoughts. The cool scent makes me aware of my every breath.

As I look upwards, a seemingly countless number of graceful white doves encircle each fountain as they ascend towards the heavens. I take notice again that the wall of the pool is adorned with even more names. My emotions take over.  Sadness, anger, humility. So many people. Why? How could something like this happen? This could be the names of my loved ones or even me. What can be done? What can we do? What can "I" do? I am shamefully grateful that the fountain mist conceal the tears on my cheeks. No longer needing to shade my eyes, I realize I have lost complete track of time. As I walk out, my eyes still glance from flower to flower, name to name, as if to memorize each one. Reaching the perimeter I stop, turn, and look back as I knew I would do. I gather my emotions with a sad sense of pride and comfort that America has honored these deserving individuals with such an inspiring memorial. I have no doubt that the senses of sight, sound, and smell have stirred and awakened emotions at this site since September 11th and still does today. I leave with a memory that I will never forget. God bless them, each and every one.

R.L.Rainwater Sr
November 25, 2002
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