My thought is to have slide shows or some sort of video presentations in an atmosphere that allows reflection and remembrance. The slide shows I would like to give a better understanding of what happened and who was affected by it. It is too easy to forget and it is hard to really get the feeling of how much it affected people when you don't know anything about them. The brief pictures on TV don't give much in the way of the people who were killed or gave so much to help out. Hopefully slide shows or some sort of video presentations will add more to the understanding of those who were affected by these attacks.

I, like most people, feel that the memorial must be a remembrance of the attacks on 9/11. Therefore I think that the memorial should be a park with lots of benches but surrounded by natural and man-made walls of shrubs, stone or brick, etc. This would be for those who visit to have a quiet place to reflect and remember. I would like to see groupings of 1, 2 or maybe 3 benches with lots of shrubs, flowers, trees, etc. So people can talk to friends, family and coworkers or sit alone in quiet reflection. The shrubs would add some privacy to the area around the benches.

To provide things that will allow us to remember and for those who do not know what happened (future generations or foreigners), I would like to see several double sided large screen viewers showing several slide shows. The viewers would have to be sealed to protect them from the weather, vandalism, etc. They should also not be tacky but housed in appropriate containers to blend in with the park. I envision say a large enough screen that 4 concurrent shows could be showing at the same time on both sides of the viewer. The shows would be staggered so that you can pick up a show you haven't seen on one of the viewers at any time. The shows would run 24 hours a day / 7 days per week and could be enhanced periodically and also replaced with newer shows over the years.

The shows I envision would be as follows:

1. Ask the families who lost a loved one in the attacks at WTC, PA and DC to submit up to 3 photos and a couple of sentences about their loved one. These would be put together in at least 3 slide show presentations. Shown over and over again but staggered across all the slide show viewers in the park.

2. A slide show of the brave fireman, policeman and rescue workers who gave their lives or helped in any way on that day. Once again the families and coworkers could submit photos and a couple of sentences describing the person for all of us to get a better understanding of the people who were affected in these attacks.

3. A before, during and after slide show showing the area before 9/11 the day itself and the cleanup effort after. To pay tribute to those who have helped.

Other slide shows could be developed and added over the years. I would also like to have soft music playing from all the viewers (the same music from all at the same time so that there is not the clashing of different sound backgrounds...). Hopefully, corporations or other organizations would donate the viewers. Also, I would hope that corporations or other organizations would sponsor the slide shows.

No matter what is put there, I hope that it insures that all who were affected by the attacks are remembered...

Good luck with the project. Let me know if I can do anything else.

Al Koons
AIX System Administration
CGTI Global Technology Inc
Tel. 201 974-3573
Cell 610 613-8779
Fax. 201 601-7267


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