WTC Flowers

Imagine a bouquet of flowers on a monumental scale, as if made of colossus structural beams of a skyscraper, piercing the ground. They create the Eternal  Meadow. Each of the flowers is dedicated to the one of the following events:

  1. February 26, 1993
  2. September 11, 2001
  3. Flight 11 AA
  4. Flight 93 UA
  5. Flight 77 AA
  6. Flight 175 UA
  7. WTC North Tower
  8. WTC South Tower
  9. Pentagon
10. Pennsylvania
11. Police, Firefighters, Rescue Workers
12. Unidentified Remains

Toward the West Street, there is a Wall of Tears - a mirror faced waterfall with a silhouette of the old Manhattan skyline cut out. Standing in front of it you will be able to see not only the past, but also the reflection of the present, construction of the buildings, new skyline.  The impression of the past, present and future will blend into one.

In front of the Wall of Tears there is a Wall of Remembrance. A foot thick wall made of glass panels with hundreds of little artifacts found at Ground Zero molded in. They will seem suspended in the air, as if frozen in time.  The names of all the innocent victims will be listed here.

WTC North and South Tower footprints become Stairways to Heaven. Faced with black marble, jugged lines of dozen of steps will cross the surface, to remember the tragedy and peril that thousands of people found in the endless stairways. Also, there will be a number of headstones placed, with inscriptions from the families of the victims, their last parting words, their last wishes, their last good-byes.

At the edge of the WTC North Tower footprint there is a Sanctuary that will treasure the Unidentified Remains. Its shape resembles a rough cut diamond, to remind us of how precious the remains are.

The whole ground of the WTC Memorial site will be faced with reinforced glass panels with laminated holographic print in between, making an impression as if we were walking over the abyss filled with shards of glass and steel.

The thousands of innocent victims of the WTC tragedy cannot speak any more. The monument I just have described will be their voice, it will speak for them, it will scream for them. They deserve a bouquet of flowers, possibly the most beautiful we can find.

Wojtek Stachowicz, Designer
2416 54th pl.SW.#15
Seattle, WA 98116
Tel/Fax 206.9354215
November 2003


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