In Egytpian art and mythology the ankh is a tau or "t-shaped" cross having a looped top. Sacred and mystical, it portrayed the eternal life of the soul. The ankh is seen in many Egyptian art forms and is considered to be one of their most powerful amulets. The large ankh found in King Tut's tomb was designed as a mirror case, hinged at the top, and made of gilt wood inlaid with colorful glass paste.

This detailed version features the sacred scarab beetle rising to greet the Eastern sun. Hieroglyphics run along the top loop, as well as down the front leg. Our Ankh, the Egyptian symbol of everlasting life, is now offered in a handsome Museum Gold & Black.

Based on original found in King Tut's tomb by Howard Carter in 1922

 I am writing about a idea for the World Memorial of New York City
Attached to this letter is Ankh Which Means: Life, New life and Eternal Life
in ancient hieroglyphics.
The all gold symbol (does not have to be gold) could be placed on each door
of the new towers inside the glass were they can not be scratched or
defaced. In the center of the court yard they could place a giant symbol in
the middle of the two court yards and a metal plaque in front of the
symbols, with the meanings of Ankh.

A1C. Ishmael J. Bryant, USAF
6 Jan 2004


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