North America Tour - 2007


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2007 Events


February 12-14, 2007

San Diego Convention Center

Fort Hamilton Brooklyn, NY

March 13, 2007
"One Day Change Our World "
WORLD MEMORIAL semitrailer departs Fort Hamilton for Nassau County Firefighters Museum
"One Day Changed Our World" banner includes names and official titles of all 9/11 victims. 
Joint creation by WORLD MEMORIAL, ART AID, NASA, and International artists! 
FREE Poster Download: http://www.world-memorial.org/Credits/info.html#poster


"Keeping the Memories Alive"
Salute to Uniformed Public Service, Survivors and 9/11 Families
WORLD CARES - September Space - Lower Manhattan, 11th Floor
11 Broadway (between Exchange Place and Bowling Green)
New York, NY 10004, 646-289-3098 Phone
6-9PM, 14 March 2007

WORLD MEMORIAL meeting agenda includes: planning, program, displays, schedule, logistics, music, process to add family names to the ROS Memorial, and ideas for 2007 anniversary ceremonies at Battery Park.

Pacific Beach,

May 28, 2007
Memorial Day

Memorial Day, Pacific Beach, CaliforniaMemorial Day, Pacific Beach, California
Del Mar,

June 5 , 2007
FDNY Chief HaydenSD County Fair
FDNY Chief Hayden (Ret.) and WORLD MEMORIAL at the SD County Fair "Salute To Heroes"
Special thanks to Rosa, Jack Toale and Danny Noonan.


June 17, 2007
El Cajon Wings Over Gillespie Field Air Show
Father's Day-2007, El Cajon Wings Over Gillespie Field Air Show
Tuskegee Airmen Patch Presentation
Tuskegee Airmen Patch Presentation

Del Mar,

July 1, 2007
San Diego Burn CenterSan Diego Burn Center, James Floros
Burn Institute Fire Expo
WORLD MEMORIAL President, San Diego Burn Center Mr. James Floros and Kids


North America Tour
August 23 - September 12, 2007

WORLD MEMORIAL Semitruck will escort Torches Across America motorcycle ride.

WHAT: WORLD MEMORIAL Command Truck departs San Diego for New York - 6th anniversary 9/11 ceremony.
Drivers: Mitch & Cheryl Mendler ( 619-944-7011, 866-286-1312, CB Channel #21) and Rosa Meyer
WHEN: September 1-11, 2007
WHERE: Battery Park Manhattan for NYC 9/11 Memorial Field
WHY: Manhattan 6th anniversary ceremonies
Featuring NASA, ArtAid and Dimensional Graphics WORLD MEMORIAL 9/11 Honor Roll Banner
Semitruck provided by:

9:00 a.m. Oceanside California, Sept 2nd. Escorted by Oceanside, San Marcos, Camp Pendleton and Rainbow  Fire. The Mayor of Oceanside proclaimed it First Responder Day.
Friday, August 24, 2007
WORLD MEMORIAL Command Tuck departs San Diego
Leave SD at 03:00 / Arrive Yuma at 07:00 - 160 miles
Leave Yuma at 13:00 / Arrive Tucson at 19:00 - 241 miles

Saturday, August 25, 2007
Leave Tucson at 05:00 / Arrive Las Cruces at 13:00 – 274 miles
Leave Las Cruces at 17:00 / Arrive El Paso at 18:00 – 46 miles
Dinner with El Paso Assistant Fire Chief

Sunday, August 26, 2007
Leave El Paso 05:00 / Arrive Van Horn at 08:00 – 121 miles
Leave Van Horn at 14:00 / Arrive Midland at 1800 – 184 miles

Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Leave Midland at 0500 / Arrive Abilene at 10:00 – 148 miles
Leave Abilene 13:00 / Arrive Ft Worth at 23:00 – 150 miles

Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Leave Ft Worth at 10:00 / Arrive Grapevine 19:30 – 24 miles
Leave Grapevine at 23:30 / Arrive at Dallas 01:30 – 22 miles
Leave Dallas at 02:00 / Arrive Sulphur Springs 03:00 -70 miles

Thursday, August 30, 2007
Leave Sulphur Springs at 10:00 / Arrive in Texarkana 13:00 -100 miles
Leave Texarkana at 15:00 / Little Rock 18:00 - 144 miles

Friday, August 31, 2007
Leave Little Rock at 07:00 / Arrive Memphis 10:00 – 137 miles
Leave Memphis at 13:00 / Arrive Nashville 18:00 - 212 miles

Saturday, September 1, 2007
Leave Nashville at 07:00 / Arrive Knoxville 11:00 – 180 miles
Leave Knoxville at 13:00 / Arrive Salem VA 18:00 – 249 miles

Sunday, September 2, 2007
Leave Salem at 07:00 / Arrive Arlington 11:00 – 185 miles
Leave Richmond at 13:00 / Arlington 15:00 – 104 miles
Leave Arlington at 18:00 / Arrive Washington DC 18:30- 3 miles

Monday, September 3, 2007
Leave Washington DC at 15:00 / Arrive Baltimore 16:00– 40 miles
Leave Baltimore at 18:00 / Arrive Philadelphia 20:00 – 103 miles

Tuesday, September 4, 2007
Leave Philadelphia 11:00 / Arrive Trenton 12:00 – 33 miles
Leave Trenton 14:00 / Arrive Newark 15:00 – 56 miles
Leave Newark 17:00 / Arrive WTC site 18:00 - 14 miles
Leave Manhattan 19:00 / Arrive Garden City 20:00 – 27 miles

September 5-7, 2007
Nassau County Fire Museum
Garden City, Long Island

9/11 Tribute
Battery Park

th Anniversary
September 7-13, 2007
Battery Park, Manhattan

in partnership with Flags of Honor
WORLD MEMORIAL escorted by New Jersey State & Local PD, arrives Manhattan
3,000 Honor flags, 95 International Flags, and 9/11 Honor Roll Banner

CDL Drivers Bob & Sharion Wilkinson (K-9 Kizzy, Pete and T.J), Truck Cel #209-321-1337, of Green Valley Transportation are helping out WORLD MEMORIAL
“One Day - Changed Our World” Tour Across America

World Memorial Patch Wall World Memorial Heroes Stories
NYPD Escort through Times Square to Brooklyn for 9/11 Ceremonies and Fort HamiltonBrooklyn Remembers Heroes – 5th Year Commemoration ceremony hosted by NYC Councilman Vincent Gentile
WORLD MEMORIAL Heroes Honor Roll Call, Missing Man Poster, "One Color For Day" and honoring victims from 95 Nations
"Missing Last seen at The World Trade Center," collection on loan from Mesoamerica Foundation-Bronston Jones

Robert Krupinski - Board Member (nomination), Official New Jersey State Bugler World Memorial Heroes Honor Roll CallOne Color For Day 
World Memorial Missing Person Exhibit honoring victims from 82 Nations Missing Last seen at The World Trade Center, collection by Mesoamerica Foundation-Bronston Jones on exhibit

Friday September 7 through Thursday September 13, Daily 8:00am - 9:00pm
9/11 Memorial Field open for viewing for the general public and 9/11 family members

9/11 Flags of Honor and Flags of Heroes, 9/11 fallen, World Country flags, 9/11 Memorial Flags, WORLD MEMORIAL semi trailer with “One Day Changed Our World” Memorial Mural with the names of everyone that were lost that day, 9/11 Memorial Uniformed Department Patch Wall (Over 2,000 police/fire/ambulance/military patches of support from around the world), 9/11 Memorial Public Safety Department Badges of Honor, Missing Person Flyers – Last seen at the World Trade Center, Headlines in History, Stories of 9/11 Heroism, Heroes Not Forgotten, 9/11 artwork and much more…

WORLD MEMORIAL President: Firefighter-Paramedic Mitch Mendler, 619-944-7011
NYC 9/11 Memorial Flags, PDF Flyer
Flags of Honor President: John Michelotti, 203-273-0331
Liaison to 9/11 Families, Bill Doyle, Father of Joey Doyle
Joan Dowd, 718-640-5818


September 21-23, 2007

Gear Up Foundation Fire Convention, Inagrual Event
Beautifuul Pheasant Run Spa & Resport in Lake Charles, IL
WORLD MEMORIAL semitruck transports used fire gear to NY for GEAR UP shipping to South America
Sponsored by Chicago Fire & Police
Krebs Trucking

San Diego
Fire Expo, Air Show and DelMar County Fair

Your City

WORLD MEMORIAL volunteers can provide a memorable experience for your community. The 9/11 Art Collection (valued at over $750,000) is provided at NO charge. All we ask for is help with logistic and production costs for your event.

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For more information, contact SDFD Mitch Mendler

A Tribute to Our Heroes
Another day begins searching for a husband, a brother, someone’s precious wife,
No time for you to think or feel, the job is clear…to save a life.

Exhausted but managed a little sleep,
Shoveled down some food, you needed something to eat.

Meet the crew and off you go,
Through ominous rubble, bucket brigades row upon row.

Closely surrounding the site where all the streets seem bare,
You will see the rest of the world’s firefighters,
shoulder to shoulder standing there.

Look above in the shadow of the clouds to see the Maltese Cross,
All those gone before you trying to heal you from your loss.

As you collapse into the arms of loved ones from unspeakable grief and pain,
Know that none of you are alone, your brotherhood and their families do the same.

As you try to make some sense of what we’'ll never understand,
The voices for humanity sing “you are the bravest in the land”.

Mary E. Feldman, 2001
Mary is an artist, poet and wife of 30 year fire service veteran.
A Tribute to Our Heroes, Embracing the New York Sky and Fire Fighter Prayer

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WORLD MEMORIAL, Vice President Mitch Mendler,
3616 Hartzel Dr., Spring Valley, CA, 91977-2017

Singer-Songwriter Glenda Rae & Composer Miles Black,
Rene Worst, Musician - Brett Wade, Musician - Tony Chamberlist, Engineer

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