WTC Mall

Return to normalcy, better times, and a strong economy


  WTC “Underground”
Modeled after existing mall, three levels, 110 Retail stores and food court
Hours, 9am to 9pm, daily

  WTC Gift Shop and Bookstore
Artifacts, gifts, books, videos, postcards, and educational souvenirs
All profits would go to the WORLD MEMORIAL Museum and Education Program
Adjacent to WORLD MEMORIAL Museum lobby

  NYC Tourism Office
Boost tourism, international and domestic

  “TKTS” booth
Discounts tickets to Broadway and Off-Broadway shows

  Movie Theater
11am to 11pm (call for show times)

International Restaurants adjacent to WORLD MEMORIAL Museum
Various eateries in and around Memorial Park
WTC Mall Food Court
Famous Windows of the World restaurant rebuilt with fantastic views of NY skyline (fabricated)

Security, meeting places and business center
Public facilities, phones, restrooms, benches and mall fountains

  Rapid pedestrian traffic flow
Underground people movers, elevators and shuttles to adjacent office buildings
All facilities, disabled friendly


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