New Tower


New Tower


I just want to help that's all.
Here's my idea for the World Trade Center Memorial.

The objective of the design is to build a frame consistent with the exact  proportions and locations of the original towers. Leaving much of the design  open except for floors where memorials would be constructed. These floors would  be located at the exact heights on each tower where the planes collided on 9/11.  These floors would become memorials and contain an interior design appropriately  listing the names and photographs of those lost on each plane and in each tower. The exterior of these floors are identical to those of the original towers. The base of the towers should contain walls identical to those that that still stood upright after that tragic day. Within theses walls on the grounds would be an  area or structure designed to observe the final resting place of the victims.

It's a duel design in that the floors above pay homage to the place where  people died and the ground below acknowledges the final resting place of each  victim.

I feel that people should not only reflect on that terrible day at ground level but where their loved ones died in the Jets and in the buildings  above. The essence of the skyline would remain similar yet different as the buildings would be open. All who see it would know it as not only the place of a great tragedy but the place where we overcame fear and rebuilt these hallowed towers once again.

Granted I know it's simple but sometimes simple is enough.

R. J. Caskie
13 January 2003


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