CHAI vision of the World Trade Centre Lower Manhattan was inspired from his original oil painting of a floating "giant lantern" in the sky.  This idea was further developed into a 200 to 300+ story height (1120 meters or 3673 feet) twin towers, if technology and budget allowed, with distinctive contemporary towers which will dominate and embrace the landscape of the Lower Manhattan city skyline.
It will be recognized in the world as the tallest, minimalist, sculptural and monumental landmark, The Lantern, with spiritual nature of a ceremonial light that will represent a living symbol of humanity from mankind dedicated to world peace.
It represents the city of light, light of hope, light of future growth and a memorial sacred light that enlighten togetherness, love, harmony, strength, power, success and stability. The Lantern represents a powerful symbol of spiritual light that dispels all the evil spirit on earth.
The golden white lantern, interlocking between the jointed towers, is a fully enclosed and climatically controlled open air space with millions of starry lights that float in the air. It will be recognized as the tallest lantern in the world. <>
The elevated Lantern becomes <an extension of an open outdoor living and working space in the sky>. It provides a compelling experience in virtual cyber outdoor living space with landscaped trees and bridges, balconies and breakup meeting areas between the office towers. It also provides staff interactions between different departments of the towers.  The "floating airspace" will provide a catalyst with an innovative idea in a new work environment with an <energy efficient siting and planning of an interior architecture> within the towers. It also accommodates a passive solar energy efficiency system with innovation and exploration of an "electronic cyber" air space to explore the "heaven dream alike" three dimensional space of an interior architecture of the new millennium.
 The Lantern will also be incorporated with cabled bracing structure capable for resistance against the high wind loading between the towers. The Lantern Towers will be maximized with enormous all-round window views to the city.

The concept of the ground level twin towers is a 25 to 50+ story height transparent "open gateway" towers that celebrate and reinforce the entry of the Lower Manhattan city from the main Hudson River waterfront setting fronting with ceremonial square and memorial precincts of the Lower Manhattan city harbor.
The new concept master plan designed by CHAI.TV has been reconfigured in planing, building scale, form and height after studying the six concept plans developed by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC). The concept of the Memorial Square is designed with an organized and coherent flow of sequence of "interlocking and interconnecting" urban space of streets and square indicated in the site plan, which can be incorporated with the  principle goals and objectives set down by the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation (LMDC).
The World Memorial Square is the world's biggest living memorial place on earth. The dynamic, contemporary urban square is defined by the mixture of irregularly controlled stepped (setback) low rise (3 to 5 story) and medium rise (6 to 12 story) buildings as a backdrop. The end of the square is terminated with a major focal point of the twin towers which represents a gateway entry to Lower Manhattan city. The gateway provides a strong visual connection to other open space which leads to the Transit Centre. Soft landscape with trees and greenery’s will give a new life to the city growth.
The heart, diversity and vibrancy nature of the World Memorial Square consists of spiritual, memorial place and cultural ceremonial place, mixture of medium and high rise commercial towers, on ground strip retail precincts and underground shopping centre, residential towers and townhouses, cultural centers such as opera house and theater halls and recreation facilities. All these mix use development will bring back  a city living place with a sense of lifestyle and community living, a place for national gatherings, celebrations and aspirations. 
The World Memorial Footprints become a burial ground and a historical site. The site will be retained and preserved with the footprints of
 the destroyed Twin Towers which is installed with an enclosed indoor transparent glass with nearly 2800 memorial blade stonewalls in a 12-story height contemporary memorial space, reminiscence of a cathedral church with high volume of ceiling space. Each memorial
blade stonewall will be engraved with the name and identity of each victim in order to honor those who died.

The floating, giant transparent crystal-coloured glass roof will define the original shape of the tower's footprints which can be clearly seen from a distance on the ground level. The glass roofs can be light-up at night with a crystal diamond effect.  It also includes the "memorial tower laser light" up to the original shape and height of the destroyed towers.
The pond and water landscape around the footprints are incorporated with the falling water from the top of the giant blade walls along the grand promenade of the tower footprints to give youthful energy.  The red color is chosen in the series of the supporting columns. It is in the Chinese belief that red color will keep away and destroy bad spirits and evil.
The World Memorial Ring consists of an abstract metal sculpture of
 "alive" assemblages. The 7 meter (23 feet) height monumental sculpture is constructed with fragments of the burnt and twisted steel materials emerged from the destroyed Twin Towers.
 This living memorial sculpture symbolizes human spirits which gives a new life and meaning, a living symbol of survival, new hope and world peace.  It is the place to pay respects to the lost souls of the innocent victims of the WTC.
Raymond Chai


© Sep 2001, ver-04/27/04

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