We believe that the general pubic is being needlessly deprived of a priceless  opportunity to display the creative architectural potential of the American people. After the tragedy of 9/11 almost two thousand architectural drawings, ideas and concepts were submitted to the LMDC for consideration. Hundreds of  these designs, most of them amazingly imaginative were graphically displayed on  the internet.

The LMDC initially ignored this public response and displayed six new models for the WTC site, designed by their own architects. There was an immediate  outcry against the unimaginative designs. These ideas were subsequently  withdrawn.

All of us who originally submitted our ideas, were then asked to sign a legal  waiver, allowing the LMDC to use them at their discretion, without obligation to  the designers. Those who signed it, did so in good faith – not expecting  financial remuneration, simply thankful that we might be contributing to the  common wealth of the nation. (Copy of waiver is enclosed)

Subsequently we were informed that an open competition would be held and a  panel of fair-minded experts would be selected to judge which one was the best it. The enclosed form letter, regarding this competition was sent to us by the  LMDC.

During the months since, there has been several nationally televised news  programs announcing that designs sent in by seven large architectural firms would be the only ones under consideration. The response from the LMDC to a  phone call from us regarding clarification of the "open" competition was  ambiguous. It seems that our ideas are now limited to a "memorial" only“ how and where that will fit in with the larger plan will be revealed later.

At the very least this matter conducted by the LMDC has been misleading. More  importantly, it arbitrarily dismisses the idea that architectural genius might well reside outside the traditional field. This is unkind. Mankind and his  buildings have been engaged in a love affair since the first straw shelter was  fashioned. Michael Angelo never attended architectural schools and gave the world wonder of St. Peterâ™s basilica.

The tragedy of 9/11 was not simply a New York thing. It was international in  scope. People from all over the world died there. As the financial center of the nation, every State in our union has invested heavily in Wall Street. The  decision about what memorial should be built there impacts us all. With a Middle  East war now in the offing, the WTC site is now far more spiritual than it is  commercial. The final monument, should not be some little statue lost in a corner – but the whole site. It should reflect to the world at large the cultural response of our national psyche to such a mind-altering tragedy. Just another tall building, no matter how fancy, will not make that magic.

In closing, we believe that the competition for the best design for the site  should remain as we have been led to believe it would be. The LMDC should not be allowed to play around with this. The seven professional firms interested are at liberty to enter the competition themselves and have their ideas judged by a  public panel along with the rest of us. We hope you will give this argument  national exposure.

Stuart Pringle
HC 72 Box 11506, Dyer, NV 89010
7 January 2003


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