The following is a brief description for consideration as an idea for the World Trade Center 9/11/01 memorial.  This is an idea that came to me, and as an amateur, the enclosed drawing is obviously not to scale and is very simplistic.

I feel there should be a memorial/museum building in the center of ground zero separate from the financial buildings that may also be rebuilt on the site.  I envision a long walkway to the building from the street with the central theme on the front being a candle and part of the entrance step design as the base of the candle.

The candle area of the building could be curved out with a marble finish and the windows possibly stained glass displaying all names of the 3000+ victims with each floor accessible by stairway or elevator.  The top window should be diamond shaped amber to represent an eternal flame inserted in a larger glass area.

I have read that 92 countries were represented in the World Trade Center building and have placed the seal of the United States of America just above the door with all other 91 countries seals flanking each side on the fascia of the building.

My thought is to combine capitol building features, representative of the strength of our country by placing columns in the front (long windows in between for more light) and a domed cap on the top of the building that could be designed with an internal gold dome; the outer dome covering would allow you to view the gold dome inside.  This could be well lit and seen from afar in the night sky.  Some aspects in this design have the feeling of a cathedral representative of the heart of the people.  Three flags representing the United States of America, the city of New York and the state of New York could be placed at the base of the dome. The dome inside could have a fresco with light streaming to the bottom floor. The building could be shaped columnar with the center one huge area (as a rotunda)

Strategically placed areas for seating (following the theme of the light and candle base) could be placed around the perimeter base of the building with landscaping, possible water features (reflecting pond) and tasteful lamp posts along pathways leading out to other buildings.
December 29, 2002


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