Global Spirit


Global Spirit


The sheer size of the building distinguishes it from all others. Larger than the pyramids, without the aid of modern technology, neither the Greeks nor the Egyptians could ever have built it.

As with other soaring structures, designed to impress  individual insignificance - while instilling at the same time a sense of awe and  pride in the power of architectural statement by the collective might, that same sensation in this structure will be magnified by a factor of three. No pillars  of this height have ever been attempted before. The closest analogy would be a walk beneath the redwoods of California.

THE OBSERVATION DECK: Three acres of paved marble. Five hundred feet above ground level. Not only a platform that can accommodate several thousand sightseers at a time, it can also serve as a permanent forum  for out-door artists and performers.

Two specially placed apertures, cut into the top deck, will allow a ray of sunlight, on the 4th of July each year, and again on the 11th of September, to shine three hundred feet down onto the interior floor of the monument.



The ray of sunlight will illuminate a granite slab on the  floor

.It will be engraved with the text of theUnited  States Constitution. Four soldiers, one from each of the major defense forces,  will stand permanently on guard at each corner of the slab.


The second ray will illuminate a memorial slab

dedicated to the victims of September 11th

THE PILLARS: Fifty pillars. Each twenty feet in diameter and three hundred feet high. Each pillar represents one of the States of America. The base

of each is inscribed with a State's name, its constitution, its  history, and the names and deeds of its famous sons and  daughters.

THE THREE PEDESTALS: Each tier is sixty feet high. The  pentagon shape of the monument's foundation represents the defense of America. All three tiers act as cultural exchange centers and forums for social/political  discussions.


The Top Tier - EUROPE: Four acres of interior space. Three hundred cultures of Europe and the Middle east, together with our Judaic, Christian and Islamic traditions are represented inside. Full to half scale models of our most famous  architecture. A living exhibit is envisioned with on-going cultural productions of music, art and folk dance from every country in Europe.

The Second Tier - ASIA: Four and half acres of interior space. One thousand cultures of Asia represented inside. Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism, architecture and culture.  Ongoing and alive.


The Third Tier - AFRICA: Five acres. The home continent of our specie. Our entire evolution, including three thousand surviving Bronze Age cultures serve as a living exhibit of the  commonalty of our family group and agricultural origins.


In addition to the forum for global cultures, the  complex is envisioned as a home for aGlobal Court ofAppeal for Racial Rights. A tribunal  council is proposed, comprised of a senior member from each of the three races  of:


The prime purpose of the tribunal is to give personal assurance  to every man or woman on the planet, no matter what religion or political  persuasion, that at the very highest level of human influence, beyond the  politics of the United Nations, there is the voice of a single individual, who's plea can be heard around the globe, upholding the rights of a racial group, on  equal terms with the other two.


: Eleven paved acres surrounding the five acre monument. Fountains, memorials - toancestors as well as those who died in the World Trade center attack. (Twin black marble obelisks, duplicating the World Trade Towers, engraved with the names of those who died, is suggested.)A daily flag-raising and flag-lowering ceremony is  envisioned as well as a four-hourly changing of the guard.

Four large geodesic domes at each corner of the plaza conduct sun light and  air to the basements below.


: Four tiers; each sixteen acres in  extent. The bottom tier serves as an underground rail station and parking lot. The next three tiers house the world's largest campus fortechnological training and cultural exchange. Student from the  undeveloped world are trained here with the single purpose of helping them to  help their own countries to enjoy, within one generation, the same technological benefits that we do.

With each level sixty feet high, with sunlight streaming in from above, the campus complex, with its gardens, playing fields, gyms and arenas, will give an effect of airy space rather than cramped entombment.

Global Steward




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