Big Apple


Big Apple


When I saw all projects that have been proposed until today, I was not satisfied with any. Flying over New York, for a long time of my life, in arrival and leaving New York, I have always wished after having nice weather to see NY from sky ad simply, to see all his magical power. And watching all those proposed projects, I felt the need to make one myself, which I would like to see flying over New York just a moment before landing at the Kennedy airport.

Why I have imagined it this way?
As New York citizens would like to get something that will be similar to the twin buildings that were there before, and yet we all really miss those two buildings, and their destiny was more than tragic, though this project is something that could remind to that previous idea but yet, different.

The main idea is two buildings again, not square in the foundation, but semi-circular. Everything will follow the sense of an old architecture, that was made three millenniums ago and that nobody has ever repeated again until now. It is the architecture of the temple in Babylon, which was made as a symbol of brotherhood between men, where people understood between them, no matter of language they spoke. After that first temple, mankind has never tried to make something like that and to bring the harmony to people, to reborn some ideal empire, ideal way of living, ideal glance to world, and ideal, perfect people in that empire.

After those more than tragically events in New York, the only thing that could be made is some building of peace, understanding, harmony and love for all people. Something that will have these aims in its shape, in its intention, in its essential task. Finally, according to prophecy, with the new Babylon temple rebuilt the peace will come to the planet.

Since it is expected that the position of Ground Zero will be the Memorial, I think that the Memorial have to be expanded on Sky Zero. It means that it will be raised at the last floor , so with circulation of elevators, and they will be transparent and visible, at the same time some kind of observation posts, panoramic, it will give a possibility to approach to the sky, the Memorial will be extended vertically. It will start from the Ground Zero and will go to the top floor of the Apple, where it will include everything that makes it a Memorial Center. That climbing from the bottom points till the top is very important, and will include everything, like a human organism, like it essential part, with a spiral elevating stairs, that have association at DNA, i.e. the fact that today makes our life in scientific way.

Traveling to the Memorial is important. It is a ritual for remembering of those who lost their lives at that place. Like a blood-flow. I insist that the elevators have to be constructed to be safe, opened in some way, and not with those heavy doors hermetically closed, because they have closed forever for some people. Elevators must be easy to get out of them. In a way, everything must be visible, transparent, not to afraid people, not to be claustrophobic.

The top point of the buildings is the Apple, because the apple is the symbol of New York. John Fitz Gerald gave him nick name BIG APPLE and since 1907. it became very popular. It is something that makes New York unique. And the Apple has its own cosmic significance, universal. If there was no apple, would never be us. It is a fruit, and temptation, and love, and challenge, and wisdom, and knowledge, and, finally, there is no religion that doesn’t include apple too. I was wandering, while flying over New York, why there is not an apple somewhere, as a sign on New York.

Just like the Statue of Liberty exists, with the torch which is a symbol of freedom, but it is a freedom as a picture of America, not only New York. The Apple belongs to New York. It is his energy. And that energy, strong and magnificent, is alive. Walking by the streets of New York gives that strength that comes from the ground. That is probably the reason why New York is called “Big Apple”, he is named after that extraordinary fruit that exists from the beginning of time, from Genesis.

And finally, during the second half of XX Century, New York became a center of Pop Art. New York had best Pop artists. I have belonged to the generation of them and I was really happy for the fact that such art came to light. It included in art things that had never belonged to art before, taken from ordinary life. Pop Art made essential art from every day’s life. It was the Stratagem of mind, and the Apple will be Pop Art in its best.

The most beautiful in New York are his tops, with all those lights at night. It is a magic of colors. I believe that the colors of Apple will become most beautiful. They will have the possibility to be changed for some holidays, for example, for the Independence Day, or Thanksgiving, or St. Patrick’s Day, or Hanukah… The new Twin buildings with the Apple on the top will become a pharos of new age.
That is my suggestion for the citizens of New York. And I, living out from New York, but coming to NY so many times, and with so much love for him, I could say for myself that I am a cosmopolitan and a New Yorker., because I simply adore it.

One day, maybe, in some plane that fly over New York, some kid will say, watching through window:
“Mummy, I see the Apple! We arrived!”

Olja Ivanjicki, Belgrade, 2003


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