Eiffel Tower


Eiffel Tower

Thank you for taking the time to review my idea for a World Trade Center Memorial Reflection Pool. I realize you have many designs and
I am sure they are done out of more sophisticated materials than mine, but I worked very hard and feel a great belief in my vision. I see it as something that can correspond with the tears that were shed on September 11, 2001 and also the ability for water to heal wounds, cleanse and renew.  My wife imagined it formed out of metal to reflect just as the Twin Towers did, I pictured it as a white stone material, more like the Washington Monument. The base takes it look from the Eiffel Tower because you can look through the structure from every side and see the water coming down through.

Thank you again for your time. I can be reached at 724-962-1179.
Even if my design is not chosen, I still feel honored to be a part of such a worthy cause.

Ron Cipriano
647 Charles St.
Sharpsville, PA  16150
28 May 2003


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