I like the idea of using the girders as significance of the original towers. Placed between them, I would like to have the remains of those who died buried with a  cross on top of them, and the eternal flame in front of it. The cross signifies God is with us all the time.

These should be place at the bottom level of the site, the original bottom level of the towers.   I want foot prints entwined throughout the site, which represent the original towers. These placed everywhere so that the memory of them is throughout and the memory of those who died there.

Grass, trees, bushes and seating should be along these footprints. 

Around this setting should be a circle.  Here should be place representations of the emergency personnel who responded on that day. (firefighters, police officers, EMS workers). These could be fire truck, police patrol cars, ambulances. I want them facing "inboard" to signify their response to the tragedy and their willingness to put their lives on the line to save those inside, and trying to find survivors/bodies.

Then on my outer circle, I want a representation of the U.S. Military, signifying that they are fighting against terrorism. The should be statues of sailors, soldiers, Marines, a boat for the Coast Guard and a jet for the Air Force. Face these "outboard."

A wall should be constructed with the names of the victims, under a category such as the company they worked for. 

Finally, I want an eagle and an American flag appropriately placed to signify that America is and always will be, a free country, that we are strong and we will persevere.

In addition to the above, I want the American flagged raised and brought down in "morning and evening colors" in true military fashion by uniformed members of the armed forces.

Taps will be played at 2200hrs every night to rest the souls of the deceased.

This is my submission for the WTC Memorial. 
I would like to help in any way I can . 

Paul De Maria, Jr
MCGACC, Twentynine Palms, CA.
May 29, 2003



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