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Bradley Campbell and Maatthias Neumann, Brooklyn, NY

Water and light symbolize life, rejuvenation and rebirth. By using water and light as key elements of the design and by bringing people directly to the site of the attacks, we hope that visitors will remember not only the loss of life  but also the sanctity of life that we live each day. These elements point to the  passing of time, and speak to us of emotion and transcendence. The site is designed to provide a place in this city and within each of us where we may find peace in experiencing the challenging, often painful cycle of death, grief,  rebirth and life.

Our physical movement throughout the site, the inclined park and the various levels of memorial and museum, represents our emotional movement through the  experiences of memory, grief, discovery, hope, and rebirth. We descend to the memorial spaces, the literal and figurative centers, and to the Museum of  September 11. Our contact with the names of the victims, their final resting place, the original slurry wall, and bedrock level of the World Trade Center  causes us to contemplate the profound loss suffered on September 11 and to be grateful for the many that were saved. As we ascend, we come back to the city  and ourselves transformed by the emotional and historic magnitude of that  day.

Materials have been carefully chosen to support the concept, symbolism and emotion of the memorial. The memorial space of the North Tower is clad in black granite - solemn, strong, stable - a reference to living memory and to the foundation of the towers. The private area for families of the victims and the intimate area for the public are made of thick walls of earth, to suggest  comfort and stability at the depths. The façade of the Museum of September 11 in the South Tower Footprint is stacked glass with sanded edges referring to both  the construction and collapse of the towers.

The design meets the daunting challenge of unifying the various site characteristics, the breadth of emotional and historical significance, and the community's many requirements. It is important that the site fulfill two major  roles in the complex program of this memorial. First, it is a place of peace, reflection and reverence where we engage ourselves emotionally and spiritually. Second, it addresses the need for an intellectual understanding and historical  perspective of the events of September 11, 2001. These are the dual roles of, and the overlap between, the Memorial and the Museum of September 11, 2001










Bradley Campbell
Bradley Campbell was born on September 10, 1969 in St. Paul, Minnesota. In 1988 he moved to Columbus, Ohio to attend the Columbus  College of Art and Design. In 1990 he left school after 2 ½ years to pursue a  career as an artist. He has shown his work regularly since his first exhibition in 1990. He has exhibited paintings and, more recently, sculptures at Rebecca Ibel Gallery in Columbus, Ohio since 1993. Mr. Campbell received the Greater  Columbus Arts Council Business/Arts Partnership Award in 1997, and the Columbus  Museum of Art Award in the 85th Annual Columbus Art League Spring Exhibition in  1996. He now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Matthias Neumann
Matthias Neumann joined the office of Alfredo De Vido Associates in 2002. Two years ago he became co-founder of normaldesign, a  multi-disciplined design group loosely based in New York City. Most recently normaldesign was a finalist in the "Marking Places That Matter" competition  organized by Place Matters, a joint project of the Municipal Art Society and  City Lore. Normaldesign has exhibited at the Urban Center and at the AIA's new  Center for Architecture, both in Manhattan. Mr. Neumann, a resident of Brooklyn,  New York, was born in Germany and completed his architectural training in Germany, Canada and Italy. Prior projects and interests include Glass House, an  exploration of environmental and experimental housing, industrial, furniture and  fixture design, and urban planning. Mr. Neumann has a degree in Architecture from the University of Dresden, Germany.

Model  Fabrication: Radii, Inc., Hoboken, NJ
Illustrations/animation: Screampoint 3D  Systems for Real Estate, New York, NY
Landscape consultant: Elliott  Maltby,Thread Collective, Brooklyn, NY


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