Release of Souls - Tour

WORLD MEMORIAL on Tour 2001-2003

As a gift to the American people, the WORLD MEMORIAL North America Tour and ROS Memorial Concert series launched September 11, 2003 from British Columbia en route to New York City.  South Pasadena hosted the American debut at Pasadena Civic Auditorium and San Diego sponsored the Balboa Park concert on September 11, 2004.  Subsequent events are scheduled across North America. 

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Foundation Established, 2001

Middle East,
and all points in between

September 11-14, 2001
The WORLD MEMORIAL concept was incubated by volunteers; serving at the APA UNION Crisis Center.  Mr. Warren Clymer, Art Director of The Godfather (finest NY movie of all times), joined the cause by designing the WORLD MEMORIAL theme.

By the end of September, the organization had debuted on the World Wide Web. Consolations, 9/11 images, and memorial ideas (incorporating surviving WTC iron, museum, education center and park) poured in from around the globe.  

Adding an extra challenge just three weeks into 9/11, Air Force Reservist, JFK B-767 Pilot, and WM Founder was activated for ENDURING FREEDOM. He had 24 hours to report for duty. Over the next 12 months, he commanded a C-5 crew for delivery of troops and supplies directly to the AOR. For more bullets, visit the PRESS ROOM.

2002 International Forum
Based on wishes received from the WM International Forum - A team was forged to design a Ground Zero Memorial.
Subsequently, two hundred professionals, from architects to zoologist, from all corners of the world, joined this worthy cause.
Throughout 2002, WORLD MEMORIAL corresponded with thousands of people solely through the Internet, fax, phone and occasional ham radio.

Ground Zero

September 11, 2002

WORLD MEMORIAL team is invited to attended memorial ceremonies at Ground Zero, the Pentagon.and Flight Crew vigils on the USS Aircraft Carrier Intrepid and Washington Square, NYC. 

2003 Release of Souls
Out of hundreds of organizations, submissions and requests - a welcomed call came from an unlikely place...Vancouver.
A Canadian artist group built an 18' tall Memorial as a gift to America.
After seeing it in person, our cadre immediately decided that the Release of Souls had to go on tour across North America.

Maple Ridge
British Columbia

September 11, 2003
Public debut of the Release of Souls Memorial
News Article, Maple Ridge, August 18, 2004

Vancouver, Canada

November 7, 2003

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Port Authority Endorsement
News Article, Maple Ridge, B.C.

Looking for Project Managers in:Albuquerque, Boston, Canada, Charleston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Detroit,
, Las-Vegas, London, Fort-Worth, Hawaii, Hurricane-Katrina, Miami, New-Orleans, New-Port, Omaha, PA, Paris, Pearl-Harbor, Phoenix, Prague, Sacramento, San-Antonio, Texas, Toronto, Vancouver, Your City, If it's not listed here - Please call us!

For the cost of logistics (nonprofit), the ROS Memorial is available to your community. A brief exhibit with our semi-truck runs about $5,000 to $67,000 for a full turn-key, indoor, reserved seating, 2 hour Concert (Outdoor events as low as $27,000). Much of this "at-cost" production can be underwritten by corporate sponsors, public donations and TEAM-UP "badge" contributions. Surplus fundraising will be donated to “Wings of Peace” or your local charity. Click here for more information on becoming a Project Manager for your community.

Dedication name plates are available to honor 9/11 families, friends and loved ones. An honor guard will affixed the plaque to the ROS memorial in any city along the tour.  Other Commemerative Items (originals songs, multimedia tributes, pins, decals) are available for a nominal cost.  WORLD MEMORIAL needs your help. To volunteer your time, please contact  President Mitch Mendler, 3616 Hartzel Dr., Spring Valley, CA, 91977-2017.

.All donations are tax-free and any amount is greatly appreciated.
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Glenda Rae
, Singer-Songwriter - Miles Black, Composer -
Rene Worst
, Musician - Brett Wade, Musician - Tony Chamberlist, Engineer

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